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Solar Waterfall Fountain Pump Kit with Timer & LED's - 16 Watt
Solar Waterfall FountainSolar Water Fountain Pump Kit
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 Solar Fountain Pump Kit with Timer & LED's

This 16 watt solar waterfall fountain pump kit is designed for outdoor fountains or ponds without the need to run electricity. With the included battery back up, this solar fountain kit will run a couple of additional hours when night falls. The water spray is illuminated with 6 led lights at night. Water rate is adjustable through a variable speed valve. Powered from the sun, this kit is not only enery-saving but also safe to the enviroment. This powerful, compact, solar-powered pump is easy to set up. Just place the solar water pump in your own pond, fountain or birdbath, fill with water, and place the solar panel in the sun then set back and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere that the solar water fountain provides.

*Day mode: Pump runs by electricity converted straight from sunlight through its panel cells, extra power will store in the battery. Pump performance depends on the intensity of the sunlight.

*Night mode: Pump is operated straight from the battery (max 2 hours).

*Water flow function: 4 different levels of water flow are used for different heads.

Solar Panel Measurements: 13.77" x 11.22"
Solar Panel Voltage: 8W-18V
Water Pump Measurements: 5.70"L x 3.35"W x 4.13"H
Pump Voltage: 12-18V DC brushless pump
Water Lift: Max. 5'9 (1.8m)
Water Flow Rate: Max 400 gallons (1550 L/H)
Lamp Type: Submersible 6 led lights
Timer: Two hour timer function
Rechargeable battery: 12V-4AH Lead acid battery back up
Features Benefits
Quantity: One (1)
2 - 8 Watt Solar Panels
DC brushless pump with approx 16' (5m) cable
Water flow dial adjuster & two hours timer functions
Timer with Day mode
Night/Auto mode
Overcharge protection feature & low battery indicator
Designed for fresh & salt water usage (never exceed 122 degrees Fahrenheit)
6 led light with approx 16' (5m) cable
Accessories : 1 panel interconnection cable, 2 set panel stakes, 3 spray heads with extension tubes.

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 1 reviews: 4.0
16watt water pumpI really like this product. There are 2 things that would be different.
1. you have to manually change from sun to battery and vice versa
2. the panels get blown around in the wind
Written by Christine Spilotro on Wed 15 May 2013 7:48:28 PM GMT
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