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solar security light

Solar Security Light with Motion Sensor Article

Introducing this powerful GAMA SONIC® solar motion sensor security light. This solar security light is brighter and will last all night with a typical sunny day of charging. Unique design, superior light output and numerous easy installation options confirm the outstanding value of Gama Sonic products.

This Gama Sonic solar motion sensor security light is easy to install and no power cords or electricity needed. This security light will activate when motion is detected up to 350 sq. ft. of motion detective area (160 degrees detection zone up to 50 feet). This light will provide an incredible 400 Lumens of bright white light at night when motion is detected. The solar panel can be attached to the top of the light fixture for simple installation in areas that are well exposed to the sun, or install the solar panel in an area that will receive at least 6 hours of sunlight during the day up to 16ft away from the security light. Ideal for illuminating driveways, sheds and other outdoor areas where additional lighting is needed to add security around your home and property. Solar security lighting can be used in residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, and remote areas. http://www.mysolarshop.com/solar-security-light-GS-10
Benefits in installing this solar security light:
  • This solar motion sensor security light only needs to turn on for 30 or 60 seconds each time it is activated, this can help ensure there is solar power available each night for these lights to operate both reliably & effectively.

  • No electricity or power cords needed. This solar light can be installed basically anywhere.

  • Having the ability to install the solar panel in a different area not only allows you to mount the solar light in a shaded area; you can easily locate it in total darkness as well.

Solar Security Light

Security is a major concern with property owners to provide safety for their family and property. Effective outdoor security lighting can help you monitor and protect the perimeter of your home while adding beauty to your landscape. Outdoor security lighting should provide enough light over an area so that anyone moving in or around your property can be seen easily. Good motion sensor lights not only helps keep intruders at bay they can also prevent accidents around your property.
Where to install solar motion sensor security lights to your property:
  • Provide sufficient lighting at all doors, windows and other openings to your house, to prevent dark areas for an intruder. Once an intruder triggers a motion light their first instinct is to escape detection, and leave the area.

  • Light the front of your property. Strategically placing outdoor lights can deter potential intruders. Criminals do not want to be identified which is why they target property that offers them the most protection from neighbors and passersby.

  • Light areas of your property and home that you may need to frequent at night. Look for danger points like steps or uneven walkways or surfaces.

  • It's best to light as large an exposed area as possible, such as an expanse of wall, driveway, or paved ground surface; this will help to reflect and spread the light, creating a background or plane of low-level light in which an intruder can be seen.

  • You might also want to encourage your neighbors to add lighting to their property as well. A well-lit neighborhood is also a good deterrent.

Posted by Donna Clinton on 02/05/16
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