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With Christmas quickly approaching it’s time to start decorating around your home or business. Are you looking for an easier and energy efficient way to decorate this holiday season? Tired of running extension cords to power your traditional string lights? When installing solar string lights you will have no more extension cords all over your yard, no more high electric bills, no one tripping over your power cords and no more worries of turning the lights on and off. Solar string lights will completely eliminate all the hassles you get with traditional string lights.

Using the energy from the sun, our solar string lights and solar rope lights can be placed practically anywhere without messy wires or the need of nearby outlets. These unique Solar Christmas Lights uses sunlight as its energy source, eliminating the need for AC plugs or power cords. They can be hung anywhere that is exposed to direct sunlight. String lights or rope lights are available in an array of colors, and you can choose from a steady light or blinking light.

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