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Solar Home and RV Power Kit with 40 Watt Solar Panel
Solar Backup Power Kit40400 Estimated Runtime
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Solar Backup Power Kit 40 Watt Solar Panel

This complete emergency back-up power kit includes everything you need in the event of power outages or for your portable power needs. This compact system delivers up to 1800 Watt of AC power across 4 outlets and is perfect for camping, picnics, and boat, RV’s or to ensure you will always have power supply to your home or RV.  You can even plug in the power supply to your home's electricity to ensure uninterrupted power to your plug-in devices the internal transfer switch automatically detects when your home's electricity has stopped and begins utilizing its stored energy. This system 40-watt solar panel uses the sun’s energy while the 60Ah battery stores this energy until you are ready to use it. With the included 50 feet of cabling offers you flexibility in the placement of the solar panel so you can put it in the perfect position to receive the maximum amount of sun during the day. This solar back-up power kit is modular and can be expanded to allow as many auxiliary batteries as needed up to 130-watt from a solar array per auxiliary battery.

Items included:
1800-Watt Inverter, 60Ah Battery, 40-Watt Solar Panel, 8Amp Charge Controller, 5 Amp AC Charger and 50’ Extension Cable

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Solar Panel: Monocrystalline
Solar Panel Maximum Power: 40 Watts
Solar Panel Maximum Current: 2.8 Amps
Solar Panel Open Circuit Voltage: 21.5 DC
Battery: 60 Ah - Deep Cycle, Sealed Lead Acid
Battery Capacity: 12V, 60Ah
Inverter Maximum Power: 1800 Watts
Inverter Output Voltage: 120 Volts AC
AC receptades: 4
Inverter Output wavform: Modified Sine Wave
Inverter Peak Efficiency: 90%
AC Charger Maximum Current: 5 Amps
AC Charger Output Voltage Charge: 14.8 Vdc
AC Charger Output Voltage Float: 13.5 Vdc
AC Charger Output Voltage Recharge: 12.6 Vdc
AC Charger Charging Type: Four-Stage (bulk, absorption, float with timer)
Features Benefits
Complete Emergency Back-Up kit
Internal Transfer Switch
60 Ah battery
1800 watt MSW inverter with 4 AC receptacles
Internal 8 Amp solar charge controller
5 Amp AC charger and transfer switch
50’ of extension cable
Environmentally friendly
Able to run 1800 watts of power available from four 120V AC outlets
Silent operation with no fuel or fumes
Simple plug and play system – setup and use
Modular design allows for easy solar and battery expansion
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