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Great Solar Powered Resource Directory

Solar Landscape Lighting: Advantages of Solar Powered Landscape Lighting.

Solar Cell Phone Charger
This solar charger allows you to charge your device wherever you are. No power source is needed, as this device will convert light into battery power for your mobile device.

SolOrb, is an abbreviation of Solar Orbit, we sell solar charge controller kits for photovoltaic systems.

Home Power magazine - Home Power magazine is the Hands-on Journal of Home-Made Power. If you are interested in: making your own electricity from renewable energy, alternative vehicles, or finding out the latest in related technologies and life-styles, then this publication can keep you up to date.

Solar Blog - Solar Energy Data

World Leading Solar Panel Supplier - ReneSola is an international leading brand and technology provider of solar energy products. Leveraging its global presence, expansive OEM and sales network, Renesola is committed to providing high performance products for solar energy projects.

Wind Power
The most complete guide to Wind Power

PDC Solar Geysers
PDC Solar solar-powered solutions for South African households. Install a solar heated geyser and you can save money as well as help the environment!

Solar energy panels
Life Insurance Guys is a full scope insurance brokerage firm based out of Toronto and offering services throughout GTA and Canada. With Combined experience of more than 120 years we provide a wide spectrum of insurance products both to private and corporate clients.

SG Eco Industries Inc. has 22 years of experience in manufacturing Skylights and other green industry products.

Navitas Solar Installations
Navitas solar are solar panel installers specialising in both domestic and commercial solar electricity systems.

Wrnd Electronics, Mppt Solar Regulators, Inverters, Wind Turbines
We design and manufacture energy and solar power electronics for world wide distribution. We specialize in mppt and pwm solar charge controllers, pure sine wave inverters, wind turbine mppt and diversion controllers.

Circuit Board Manufacturing
TechnoTronix provide PCB Assembly service, PCB Design, PCB Layout, Printed Circuit Board Design Services, PCB Design Solutions, and Fabrication.

Solar Thermal
Solar thermal systems are basically big hot the water heaters which can be specially engineered to replace your existing domestic hot the water furnace.

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