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Solar water fountains are an eco-friendly way to decorate your outdoor area and provide a beautiful addition to your landscape. Water fountains are also a great way to improve your mood and help you relax, with the soothing sound of flowing water. Solar water fountains is a no-hassle way to add a water feature to your landscape.

Different styles of solar water features we carry:

Solar Cascading Fountains: Our 4-tier solar cascading water fountains are available in several different colors and made of ceramic material. Water is carried up to the top jug and flows back down to the main bowl through 3 small bowls. Creates sound of gentle running water anywhere in your garden, patio or deck.

Solar Birdbaths: Several different styles to choose from and also available in 2-tier models. Want your birdbath to run at night? look for the models that have the solar-on-demand feature. This will allow you to select when you want your fountain to run.

Solar Pond Spitters: Several different styles to choose from. These solar pond spitters only run during the day when the sun is out. With this kit you can enjoy a beautiful water feature and have a wonderful art piece as well. Would look great in a garden pond setting, or Koi Pond even.

Solar Water Fountain Pump Kits: There are several different styles and sizes to choose from, some of the solar water fountain pump kits on the market today are equipped with a battery backup with LED lights, which will allow the pump to run at night and illuminate with light, which can make your pond the center of attention at any garden party.

More information on solar water fountains.

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